Balance Bat ( is a game ready, Knob Weighted training bat that increases hand & bat speed, time to impact, and swing tightness. In addition, the Balance Bat improves top hand roll over, bottom hand drive, swing path, and extension, while reducing bat drag, bat casting, and wrist flips.

What makes the Balance Bat unique is that the Balance Bat moves the center of gravity towards the pivot point of the bat. This change promotes a lighter “feel” for the hitter, increases overall swing speed, and reduces barrel sag due to decreased rotational inertia. The bat still has the mass of the barrel, but because the center of gravity has been moved towards the pivot point, this allows the hitter to increase overall swing speed. Additional benefits include:

  • Increases Batted Ball Exit Speeds (BBES)
  • Improve Time to Impact
  • Improves Attack Launch Angle
  • Keeping the Hands Inside the Pitched Ball
  • Progressive Acceleration with Hands
  • Controlled Air Flow
  • Late Wrist Drive
  • Allows back elbow to drop into proper Launch Position
  • Hands stay short through swing
  • Increasing Space between the Hands and Hips
  • Establishing a Swing  Pivot
  • Increasing Hand and Forearm Strength

Current Research

Balance Bats create Barrel Depth by keeping the barrel inside the hands with lead arm adduction. Which creates a delayed hand release by training the lead wrist to maintain radial flexion. In addition, the Balance Bat trains the trail forearm to supinate to prevent wrist roll over.


When the lower half of the body is constricted and the upper half of the body is turning against the lower half the player creates and feels an Elastic Stretch between the two and when released the body accelerates with untapped speed.

Momentum Drills

When the trail leg has to support the body and center of mass players often find themselves not worrying about the barrel weight due to the counter weight of the balance bat and they can focus on feeling how their body moves and transfers weight within their swing