Our History

“The Balance Bat came from a simple idea on how to help my son keep his hands inside the pitch and today with a progressive research approach to disprove the Balance Bat, I have discovered so many other positive swing performance changes that the Balance Bat helps with.”

Dr. Tracy Clark, Owner & Founder

Our beliefs drive our principles – which establishes what we measure – and our technologies must always support our beliefs.

Our Passion + Our Daily Action + Our Faith = Our Purpose

Ages 4 to 10 are essential to developing most effective swing patterns as the player’s muscular and neurological development are at the peak and:

  • The Balance Bats effectively change a hitters swing
  • To the drive the ball you must drive the body
  • The hands are the last thing a hitter wants to think about when swinging through the ball
  • Contemporary research is the foundation of the hitting sequence
  • Good coaching requires good research

Our Principles

Success is a result of multiple failures
Biomechanics + Baseball Science + Research = Effective Swings
Anyone can learn to drive the ball
Crazy thoughts are good thoughts
Every swing change starts with the Balance Bat

About Balance Bat

The Balance Bat has been designed to help all players develop dynamic and explosive swing patterns with the help of past and current sports specific research.

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