“The Balance Bat came from a simple idea on how to help my son keep his hands inside the pitch and today with a progressive research approach to disprove the Balance Bat, I have discovered so many other positive swing performance changes that the Balance Bat helps with.”

Dr. Tracy Clark, Owner & Founder

Our beliefs drive our principles – which establishes what we measure – and our technologies must always support our beliefs.

Our Passion + Our Daily Action + Our Faith = Our Purpose

Ages 4 to 10 are essential to developing most effective swing patterns as the player’s muscular and neurological development are at the peak and:

  • The Balance Bats effectively change a hitters swing
  • To the drive the ball you must drive the body
  • The hands are the last thing a hitter wants to think about when swinging through the ball
  • Contemporary research is the foundation of the hitting sequence
  • Good coaching requires good research

Our Principles

Success is a result of multiple failures
Biomechanics + Baseball Science + Research = Effective Swings
Anyone can learn to drive the ball
Crazy thoughts are good thoughts
Every swing change starts with the Balance Bat