In the end, the research and numbers are what drive Balance Hitting, LLC. Life is based on understanding what the numbers mean and too many times the numbers are either ignored. The following is a sample collection of research studies, journal articles, and other digital information nodes that we believe can support any hitter in becoming the best hitter possible.

Bat Dynamics

Hitting Biomechanics

Hitting Coaches

Throwing Biomechanics

Training & Biomechanics

Developing Power

Trap Bar Deadlift


Post – Activation Potentiation


Training and using the micro muscles of the swing are key in developing an Elastic Stretch and Kinetic Sequence. Both are absolutes in developing a dynamic and explosive on-time swing.

Muscle Groups

Tibialis Anterior



Quadratus Lumborum


About Balance Bat

The Balance Bat has been designed to help all players develop dynamic and explosive swing patterns with the help of past and current sports specific research.

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