Why The Balance Bat?

The Balance Bat supports a player’s swing progression development at their CNS level.

Swing pattern development is driven by programming or re-programming the Central Nervous System (CNS). A players CNS directs our skeleton system to perform in concert a series of micro to macro moves. The swing pattern is a specific sequence of muscle activation that are designed through the swing pattern habits of the player. The players CNS stores the pattern only; unless the player is re-programming the pattern.

To re-program the swing pattern the player must stimulate the CNS in such a way that their CNS will adopt the new pattern. The original pattern is embedded in the players CNS for life, but what the player can do is substitute the new player as an overlay.

The Balance Bat system is a muscular adaptation approach that supports a players swing progression changes at a Neural (adaptation leading to increase strength to improve group muscle action relationships), Metabolic (increasing kinetic energy and production), and a Periodization (temporarily concentration of micro swing pattern movements).

A player supports their Balance Bat swing progression changes by blending both strength (1 to 6 reps) with speed or metabolic (12 to 20 reps) within a programmed sequence. The player’s CNS wants to repeat the most effective pattern possible. Improving the player’s brain and body coordination improves the swing pattern functionality.

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