When using the Balance Baseball, Softball, or Stick Bats the user must follow these rules:

  • Must always wear a helmet
  • Must not exceed 65 miles per hour (MPH) with any pitched ball
  • Use the following drills:
    • Dry Swings
    • Impact Bag Swings
    • Batting Tee Swings
    • Soft-Toss Swings
    • Front – Toss Swings
    • Batting Practice (Not to exceed 65 mph pitched ball)

Balance Bat is solely intended to be used within the scope of the above safety rules and use restrictions. The user is personally responsible for any property damage, personal injury to themselves or others, and all other damages incurred due to their actions or omissions if not adhering to the above safety rules.

Balance Bats are ‘NOT’ MLB or MiLB approved and the player is solely responsible for any and all MLB or MiLB game and/or practice use.